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Women's Work and Women's Words in the Novels of Pip Williams

August 29, 2023 Season 3 Episode 5
Art In Fiction
Women's Work and Women's Words in the Novels of Pip Williams
Show Notes

In this episode, I'm chatting with Pip Williams, author of two novels featured in the Literature category on Art In Fiction: The Dictionary of Lost Words andThe Bookbinder

Highlights include:

  • The Oxford English Dictionary and Oxford University Press as inspiration for both novels.
  • Finding treasure in the archives of Oxford University Press.
  • Inspiration for The Bookbinder and an examination of women's work before and during World War I.
  • The role class plays in both novels.
  • Women and the vote in 1918 - working-class women were not included.
  • Finding information about the lives of working women in archives written primarily by men.
  • The characters of the identical twins Peggy and Maude in The Bookbinder.
  • Reading from The Bookbinder featuring Calliope, Peggy and Maude's canal boat home in Oxford.
  • Reasons for the breakout success of The Dictionary of Lost Words.
  • Description of research methods.
  • Two excellent pieces of advice for new authors.
  • What Pip is currently reading 

Press Play now & be sure to check out The Dictionary of Lost Words and The Bookbinder on Art In Fiction.

Pip Williams's Website

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